Vital Points to Note Before Starting HCG Diet

A Diet is not for everyone, especially HCG Diet. Just because you are obese or need to shed two or more pounds, HCG Diet is not for you. You need to get physician’s council before starting HCG Diet. But that’s not all. Here are some important points to note while starting your HCG Diet.

1.Get Your Physician’s Permission: I like to stress this part as it is vital. Before starting HCG Diet get your physician’s approval. This diet is low calorie. If you are suffering from some diseases say blood pressure then you shouldn’t go on a low calorie diet especially HCG. Hence, get checked up.

2. Choose Low Calorie Wisely: There are three types of calories 500, 800 and 1200. You need to choose them with care. First timers going for 500 calories is risky. We suggest first timers to go for 1200 calories as it is not too low calorie. Moreover, you won’t be rushing with losing weight. However, after two more trials you can opt for 500 calorie diet.

3. Give into Cravings at Start: This might be counterintuitive but good for you. Most likely your body is not used to low calorie. And giving into cravings now and then is good. It will take time for getting used to HCG Diet protocol. Staying way too strict and avoiding all sorts of cravings will do more harm.

4. Wear Slightly Tight Clothing: Wearing a Slightly tight clothing gives you the impression of being full. This might shock most. However, its true. If you wear loose clothing, hunger pang might soon kick in.

5. Buy a HCG Recipe Book: What? I know this advice calls for spending money. But this is for your good. Not all HCG manual will provide recipes for all phases. Even if they did, it would be a sample and not for entire week. Hence, I strongly suggest to buy a HCG Diet Recipe book.

6. Don’t buy Homeopathic Drops: They might be cheaper but are nothing more than water. Even the FDA considers Homeopathic drops to illegal. Hence, We strongly recommend to buy only real HCG Drops. The real HCG drops are the only HCG drops in market which consists of HCG hormone. This is the type of hormone you need for weight loss. If you are unsure as to where you can purchase real hcg drops we strongly suggest to take a look here. This site contains list of top HCG merchants which are compared, rated and reviewed.

7. Follow Dosage Exactly: The dosage of HCG Drops for HCG Diet is 15 drops before every meal. Now, this might be less or greater depending upon the prescription doctor gave. However, if you don’t have a prescription, the average dosage stands good. However, make sure to have the HCG drops below your tongue. Don’t swallow them immediately. Let it be seeped up slowly.

There we are with some points to note before starting HCG Diet. And as I said HCG Diet is complete only when you have real HCG Drops or pharmaceutical drops as it is commonly called.

HCG Diet For Men

When many think about HCG diet for weight loss they often associate t with women. As it is naturally occurs in women, the thought of using HCG diet for men is usually met with resistance at the assumed risks of the hormone and is effects in men. However over time this diet has proven quite fruitful in targeting problematic areas that are usually resistant to typical weight loss regimes and thus quite effective for men and women above any age after puberty.

What the diet entails

Seemingly, the diet consists of one partaking HCG drops or injections for duration of six to eight weeks at a time to aid in weight loss. This hormone aids in mitigating the effects hunger pangs and cravings thus enabling an individual to stick to the recommended 500 calorie diet. In doing so weight loss is achieved as the body s forced to dip into fat reserves for energy thus leading one to lose weight fast.

Misconceptions regarding HCG diet for men
Most of the time, people confuse HCG diet hormone as a sex hormone. Many believe that it influences the growth of breasts in men and thus instead of losing weight, one gets man boobs that are unappealing. This misconception s reinforced by the fact that HCG prescription injections are used in treating fertility in men. it is good to note that even though it is used and it actually can increase the testosterone hormone in men when used in right doses it is actually helpful. Common side effects of the HCG diet for men include temporary thinning of hair, leg cramping and intense headaches usually associated with sugar withdrawal.

Safe for men

The main concern of HCG diet for men is that it is actually unsafe for them; this however is not true. Many men are reaping great benefits when using HCG supplements hormones. A reduction of hunger cravings and fatigue is seen immediately which leads to weight loss. When used in large amounts, however the HCG can affect lose muscular fat structure. This is effect affects the fat reserve that affect vital organs for men and hence give one a gaunt and haggard appearance. When used correctly however it actually helps one burn the body’s abnormal fat and thus helping one retain muscle structure and lose weight safely and fast.


Solution to the shortcomings of using HCG diet for weight loss is usually done by simply getting B12 injections that mitigate negative effects associated in men. The result of this is that one gets to experience

• Improve cell reproduction

• Improve nervous system for men

• Reduce depression for men

• Increase metabolism

• Improve mood

• increased energy levels


There are positive outcomes that are associated with using HCG diet for men. One of the most remarkable is that it actually gives better results in men than in women. In comparison women tend to lose 0.5 to 1 pound a day while men can lose up to 1 to 2 pounds in a day. This is experienced within the four to six weeks enabling an individual reach the desired weight goal.


Over years, many people have used the HCG products for different reasons that include weight loss and increasing the level of testosterone for the men. You can have the products injected into your skin or make use of the HCG drops.

Benefits of using HCG DROPS

A number of benefits result from the use of drops. Among them is the improvement of your basal metabolism. Individuals with poor habits tend to ditch such behavior as soon as they start using them. You will also have increased energy as well as motivation if you constantly use them over time. You can also do away with health complications such as high blood levels, increased sugar levels in the blood and pain within the different joints of your body.

Many people find it hard to choose between the injections and the drops. In our discussion below, we have outlined some of the reasons that make the HCG drops to be the best way of getting the Human Gonadotropin Hormone into one’s body.

Why should you use drops and not injections?

To begin with, the Drops are taken orally hence there is no painful experience that will result when compared the injections. For those who are looking for a way to deal with their weight, this is the best to go about it since you can lose up to 2 lbs every day as soon as you begin taking these drops. There are times you buy HCG products that you are not sure whether they are for men or women. However, with the drops, you should not have such doubts as they safe for use by both. The use of chemical substances at times comes with a number of side effects that can be very costly on one’s health. These products are made of natural ingredients hence you not likely to have any problem arising If you decided to use them.

Some HCG products are too costly such that if you are a low-income earner you will never think about purchasing them. To avoid spending a great part of your hard-earned income you can have the drops as an alternative since they are equally effective. Furthermore, you when you are using them you do not need to run up and down in the name of exercising since without or without frequent exercises, they will prove to be very effective to you.

If you are looking for those products that will not make your feel hungry frequently, then they are the best option for you. In addition, they are not only pure but also the most effective products of the HCG type that you are likely to get within the market. When you have made a decision that, you are going to use them you do not require any form of prescription the way others may require of you. In the event that you want to have your muscles growing within the shortest time you have a reason to purchase the drops. They are convert fats directly into nutrients without affecting the growth of the muscles.

HCG drops vs HCG injections

HCG drops and injections are commonly available in today’s medical stores. Three main types of HCG that can be availed from store include pharmaceutical HCG injections, pharmaceutical HCG drops and homeopathic HCG drops. Out of the three forms of HCG, the former one or injection is the common type of HCG used in health care centers.
HCG drops vs HCG injections is a common topic discussed in health care centers. When comparison is done between HCG drops and injections, latter one is found to be more effective than the former drops. Faster result is another highlighting feature that make injections superb than drops. HCG injections can be done on various body parts like buttocks, back and upper arm. If comparison is done between HCG drops and injections, former one is found to be devoid of side effect.
At times, HCG injection can give rise to adverse action like swelling and pain around injected area. While comparison is done between HCG drops and injections, the former one is found to be safe for those person suffering from allergic reactions. Care taken in mixing HCG solution is a main factor considered while taking injections.
Unconsidered mixing and storing of HCG solution can give rise to many health issues in life. Hence it is advised to store the ingredients for HCG injection in a cool and dry place. This habit can reduce the risk of infections. How does HCG work? This is a common question heard from people. Generally, HCG drop work by supplying essential nutrients through the skin under tongue.
When compared to injection, the amount of HCG solution needed for drop method is more to get the same effect. HCG injections are given directly to blood vessels. Also, the amount of HCG solution needed is less in case of injection. if comparison is done on the basis of price rate, you can see HCG injection as more economical than HCG drop.
Homeopathic HCG drop is today commonly available from stores. It is already mixed with sterilized water for usage. When comparison is done between homeopathic HCG drops and pharmaceutical HCG drops, the former one is more economical and effective. To get satisfactory result, it is advised to use this remedy two to six times per day. To reduce the risk of side effect, make sure to consume food after fifteen minutes duration.
Hassle free HCG supply is one among the highlighting features of drops. No need of mixing in HCG drop reduces the risk of infections. Storage facility is another main factor considered while buying a bulk of HCG injections. To reduce the risk of allergies and other infections, it is advised to store the solutions of injections in cool place like refrigerator. This condition is not necessary for HCG drops.
HCG drop is so cool and easy to use. You can directly store drops in a cool and dry place. That means, there is no need of refrigeration here. Out of the renowned weight loss programs, sticking on HCG drop is found to be very effective to get immediate result. For effective result, feel free to follow HCG diet with the help of nutritionists.

What the HCG Diet Entails

In the journey to attaining an enviable figure and reach the recommended weight for height of an individual many people find themselves failing in all their endeavors. This is naturally attributed to living sedentary lifestyle in which exercising is none existent. When this fails people tend to look for easier ways to actually get rid of the unwanted body weight and reach their desired goal weight in just a few short weeks. To do this many people are actually turning to weight loss supplements, most notable the HCG diet.

What the HCG diet entails

Though dubbed the HCG diet, the whole diets divided into two main parts. That is; the diet nutritional part and the supplements part. The diet dictates that one needs to restrict calorie intake to just 500 in a given day for up to eight weeks. This is done by controlling the amounts of food portions none eats varying kinds for foods. That is carbohydrates, fats and proteins to ensure they give the desired effect. The other part of the HCG diet entails partaking of HCG drops supplements or injection short of the HCG hormone twice a day to aid in the weight loss process.

What it promises

Ideally the HCG is also known as the Human chrionic gonadotropin hormone which is produced during pregnancy and is responsible for the controlling of fat intake of the fetus from the mother. This is the same principle that is attributed to the use in humans for weight loss purposes. It promises to help an individual shed the unwanted fat deposits by allowing one to dip into the fat reserves for energy rather than partaking of extra carbohydrates for energy. The HCG hormone is responsible for curbing the appetite of individuals and in a sense allowing a person to be satisfied with the calorie restriction without hunger pangs. The HCG has grown in popularity because it actually promises for an individual to actually lose up to one pound in a day for eight weeks depending on an individual and thus enabling one to reach the desired weight goal.

Risks associated with it

There are various risks that have been associated with the HCG diet. the main risk however is attributed to the low calorie diet that has seen many individuals experience dizzy spells and faint due to the lack of proper nutritional value in the foods. Other risks associated with it include

• Forming of blood clots in blood vessels due to lack of proper nutrition

• Fatigue

• Dizziness

• Irregular heartbeats

• Irritability, mood swings and depression and

• Imbalance of electrolytes

Does the HCG diet work?

The main reason that there is much chatter about the HCG diet is because as controversial as it is, it actually does work if the main purpose is weight loss. Looking at the makeup of what it entails, there is no way that it cannot actually work. Recommending a diet calorie intake of 500 calories a day, one is basically starving themselves without actually feeling the hunger pangs and thus one is able to lose weight in just a few weeks.

HCG diet breakfast samples

When embarking on the use of HCG for weight loss, one has to be ready to follow strict dietary restrictions. this is a measure that ensures that the calorie diet measures are met and that one indeed gets to lose weight in the end. As expected to enable one to lose weight throughout the diet has been divided in parts. These parts dictate the amount of type of food that one is able to eat a particular time that is carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Food samples
Technically the HCG diet recommends that one food should be ingested in the morning. Persons have the choice of actually partaking unsweetened tea, coffee or plain water to helpful the toxins out. This has proved quite impractical in many individuals. As the food ingested in the evening is long gone, one seems to actually be hungry and even the taking of the HCG hormone does not mitigate on the hunger pangs. To successfully curb this, a revamp of the diet in taking some items from lunch and dinner and eating it in the morning is much more practical. Below are some of HCG diet breakfast samples.

Loading day

The first two days of the on the HCG diet are known to be the loading phase. Here one is allowed to actually go wild with different types of foods as they ease in taking the HCG supplement. Here one can eat as much or as little as they want including breakfast omelets, fresh juice press, coke, rice, eggs, meat fold over’s, buns, sausages, burgers bread and in all have a hearty breakfast meal.

Day three

This is typically one of the hardest days on the diet. As withdrawal of food is done instantly one is required to take a cup of unsweetened tea or coffee with one tablespoon of milk for breakfast. Having hard a challenging day, it wise to plan the meals for the rest of the week. Here are a few options.

Day four

Withone cup of usweetened tea add one

• One apple

Day five

On day five pull from the lunch and dinner two foods including


•One-half Grape fruit

Day six

A great choice to pick that taste unusually lovely id the melba toast. Eat this with the unsweetened tea and add a fruit

•Red Radishes

•Melba Toast

Day Seven

Finally on day seven eat a

•medium sized Orange


Go on with the same trend throughout and ensure that once eaten it won’t eat it again. One should ensure that when doing this they do not go overboard with the amount of calories and in all should remain at 500 calorie mark. I

If one finds that they prefer a little sweetness to their morning tea, stevia should be used. As it is a natural sweetener with little calorie number it is harmless in the diet. At no particular rime should one take sugar. To mitigate the effects of hunger while still waiting for the effect of HCG hormone to be felt in controlling hunger pangs, one should ensure that they take large amounts of water. This should equate to half total weight of an individual in ounces as it is essential in weight loss.

Hcg diet sample recipe for lunch

HCG is a hormone that has been converted to fluid and pills to help one lose weight. This hormone is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). It is produced in the placenta of women who are pregnant. Today, it is marketed as a weight loss drug that should be taken alongside a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). This diet is crucial to the working of the drug. Therefore, one should ensure that they stick to it to enjoy the benefits that are rapid weight loss. There are many ways through which one can structure their diet so that it is a VLCD. Sample recipes for VLCD lunches are described below.

Lunch recipe 1

You can have a low calorie lunch that consists of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins. One way of combining these is by consuming 3 ounces of chicken that has been grilled and seasoned with sea salt. Moreover, it can be seasoned with garlic. On top of this, you can consume 3 ounces of cucumbers and a pair of Melba rounds. To top off the lunch, a medium sized orange is in order. This lunch has a low level of calories and will complement the HCG that you are consuming resulting in dramatic weight loss.

Lunch recipe 2

You can have a healthy, low calorie lunch by combining these ingredients. 3 ounces of a Tilapia fish fillet splashed with lemon and 3 ounces of vegetables that have been steamed. You can also add some lemon to the vegetables to add flavor. Also, for a good serving of vitamins, eat strawberries. The amount should be a generous handful. You need carbohydrates and starch in your diet as well. Therefore, 1 breadstick will satisfy this requirement sufficiently.

Lunch recipe 3

There are many ingredients that you can combine to come up with a low calorie lunch that will still pack the energy punch that you need. You can cook 3 ounces of lean ground beef patty. To this, you can add liquid aminos or if you desire, some soy sauce. To accompany the delicious beef, you can have an ounce of lettuce leaves and 2 tomatoes. The vegetables will give you a sound serving of vitamins. These are very important as you consume your HCG weight loss medication.

Lunch recipe 4

While consuming HCG weight loss hormone, it is important to eat a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) in order to maintain your weight loss. To achieve this, you can have a lunch consisting of 3 ounces of shrimp. You can add lemon juice to the shrimp to increase its flavor. Moreover, you can cook 3 ounces of asparagus to provide you with substantial vitamins. The asparagus should be seasoned a little to bring out the flavor properly. In addition to these, you can have half a grapefruit and one breadstick to complete the sumptuous low calorie lunch.


By following these recipes, you can lose weight in a healthy manner. Each of the recipes contains all the nutrients that your body needs. Combining these with the effects of the HCG, you can lose up to a pound of weight every day.


An HCG diet plan is simply seen as weight solution that combines human chorionic gonadotropin hormone and a strict diet plan that is low in calorie. HCG prescription is normally used in treating fertility issues but recent research has shown that it can also be used in shedding off some extra pounds. The key here is losing weight without undergoing any health issues that come with other diet plans.

When it comes to various forms of dieting, what one eats can be very particular. However; with a HCG diet plan you can eat good but still lose some extra pounds. Here are a few HCG recipes that are quite fulfilling and taste good at the same time.

Fruit Relish as an HCG Side Dish Recipe


• One stalk of finely chopped celery

• A half finely chopped apple

• One teaspoon of red onion (minced)

• Two tables spoons of vinegar

• Just a dash of Worcestershire sauce

• Tow table spoons of lemon juice

• A dash of salt and pepper to taste


Mix the celery together with all the other ingredients. Ensure that you mix well then allow the ingredients to marinate for thirty minutes. After marinating your fruit relish is ready to be served.

Pepper Steak as a Main HCG Dish Recipe


• Just a hundred grams of lean steak

• A dash of Worcestershire sauce

• Salt to taste

• Grounded black pepper


First you need to tenderize your steak and make it look flat. After that, rub the salt and pepper on your piece of steak. After that you can opt to cook or grill your meat. Add Worcestershire sauce and your steak is ready.

You can also focus on a diet plan which is divided on a three day basis.

Day One

On day one; breakfast will be limited to only Pomegranate herbal tea which is normally sweetened by vanilla Stevia. This herbal tea carries quite a number of health benefits and one might be surprised by how full they feel after taking a cup of this sweetened tea. For lunch one can have just a piece of grilled chicken, 3 cups of lettuce and a half grapefruit. If you feel the need you can have some Melba toast with all that. This meal gives you protein, vitamin and starch. For dinner keep it simple with grilled fish, strawberries and steamed cabbage.

Day Two

For breakfast, focus on only taking half grapefruit and herbal tea. This can be sweetened using Stevia. During lunch, take your other half of grapefruit with grilled chicken. This chicken can be grilled with onions and celery peppers. Again your chicken can be taken with Melba toast. For dinner keep it simple again by taking grilled fish and strawberries.

Day Three

Have your herbal tea with an apple. On that day, put a lean roast in your crock pot and allow it to cook for hours. This lean roast should be ready to eat during dinner time. For lunch have a blend of fruits like apple, strawberries, grapefruit and oranges. For dinner take your roast with dessert made from warm cinnamon apple.

Always remember to keep control of your portion size servings.

Fda and hcg approval

The HCG diet is one where people are encouraged to consume a hormone known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) to lose weight. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved this HCG diet and weight loss medication. Thus, the Administration has sent letters warning all Over The Counter sellers and firms that are selling and marketing this HCG as a homeopathic weight loss diet. The shops and firms are selling the HCG in the form of pills, drops to be taken orally and sprays. The FDA has not approved this method of weight loss and the HCG hormone is untested and unapproved. The FDA has indicated that they will follow up on these firms that they have sent letters to. If needed, they will also use legal action and exert criminal penalties against these firms and shops.

What is HCG?

This is a hormone that is released by women during pregnancy. For this diet to work, you need to consume the hormone and also consume a diet of very low calorie foods. The weight loss is made possible by the body automatically resetting its metabolism process. This allows you to naturally lose weight at the rate of a pound a day. Moreover, you are able to lose this weight without feeling hungry at all. The hormone is produced in the placenta of a pregnant woman. Moreover, it is detectable in the urine of pregnant women. The hormone is actually approved by the FDA for use as a medication for infertility in women as well as hormone balancing in men. For this purpose, the HCG is available in form of injections and cannot be acquired without a prescription. However, the FDA has not approved this hormone for the purpose of weight loss.

Reasons for the Concern of the FDA

The HCG is being marketed as a weight loss drug while it has not been tested or approved. Moreover, there is no evidence that it works. In addition to that, the firms and shops are marketing the HCG as a homeopathic drug. Homeopathy is a belief of medicine that the body is able to heal itself. Thus, the firms that are marketing HCG as a weight loss drug are misusing this term to mislead the public into buying the drug. It is even worse that the marketers of this drug as a weight loss diet are encouraged to consume a low calorie diet. By adopting this diet, the people who buy this HCG drug for weight loss can easily suffer from serious side effects for example heart arrhythmias, gallstones and imbalance of electrolytes in the body. Therefore, the FDA vehemently disapproves the HCG hormone for the purposes of weight loss.

The FDA message to the general public

The FDA informs the general public that consuming HCG for diet loss will not yield any results. Thus, they should cease using it and desist from using it. Moreover, those people who have used the HCG for the purpose of weight loss and have experienced adverse effects should consult a licensed physician for treatment.

The different phases of HCG diet

The HCG diet is designed for healthy and effortless weight loss. HCG diet is unique because it allows users to lose stubborn pounds of fat painlessly by mobilizing lipids in the body. The diet is also effective because it works extremely fast and hence you lose weight fast. There are different phases of HCG diet and every phase has steps that when combined with the intake of HCG results in a speedy weight loss. These different phases of HCG diet phases are conventional and followed by anyone using the diet but in some cases the phases can be modified to fit patient needs.

The first phase is the detoxification or cleansing phase. It is not mandatory and is usually overlooked but it is a very important phase whether you have used the HCG diet before or not. It involves taking up of high fat and caloric content and also taking the HCG diet for about three days. This phase is critical for the success of the HCG diet because it cleanses the body by mobilizing fats and these mobilized fats result in quick weight loss. During this phase you must ensure that your HCG intake is regular or consistent until your body is cleansed or detoxed.

The second phase is the most challenging and the HCG intake phase. This phase is challenging because it requires a user to take up a lot of physical foods or calories. You need to load up your system with a lot of calories or fats so that the body can use up the loaded up fats first before HCG can start taking effect working on the excess fat deposits. The phase is also challenging because you must stock to a strict diet that is designed for you by a HCG expert. Sticking to such a strict diet is very hard for so many people and in some instances some foods are expensive or hard to find.

The third phase is the maintaining phase and not for losing weight. This is the phase where you maintain your weight by sticking to a strict diet that has no starch or sugar for almost a month. In this phase you must watch what you eat, weigh yourself on a daily basis to ensure you maintain your weight or stick within a 2 pound above or beyond limit. This phase is also challenging because avoiding sugary or starchy foods is not easy.

The last phase is the most favorite phase of all HCG diet users. It is called the rest or rest of your life phase. This is the phase where your body and appetite are normalized and everything returns to normal. Your caloric intake returns to normal but with high intake of low sugar and starchy foods. This phase is also very important because it will determine whether you maintain your weight or you gain weight. Discipline is important in this phase because it will help you stay loyal to a strict diet which is very hard especially with so many processed foods that are convenient. These different phases of HCG diet can be modified to fit your needs if necessary.